About Your Community Day

This day is for YOU and your community and we at the Healing Touch Professional Association are honored to share it with you. 


It is a day for...

    ...celebrating each other individually and the community collectively

    ...deepening as a group of healers who share the mission of heart-centered, compassionate care for the betterment of the planet

    ...networking and sharing the arts, gifts, and beauty of each others' practices and individual gifts in the healing arts

    ...coming together in sacred ceremony and showing up to be who we are "a group of deeply Spiritual and love-centered beings" and restore ourselves and one another in the exchange of devotional caring

   ...being inspried by one another, by our stories, by our questions, and by the work

   ...being moved deeply by a program that supports bringing both new technique, beautiful music, and the space to learn more about yourself and your community.

   ....being heard by your HTPA director and your organization, so that we may continue to evolve the framework of HTPA to support you and your continued growth in this beautiful work

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