In the beginning, there was the dream...


In this dream, there was a space for our practitioners to come together and celebrate the beauty that is 'living Healing Touch'.  

It is often said that Healing Touch is not a discipline or a modality, it is a way of life. It begins to live within you as a practitioner. 

I believe this. I've seen it in my own life. As I began to live through the core principals and the values, my life changed (for the better). Yes, it did bring me through change (and not always the easiest of change) but the discipline brought me closer to a life of purpose; a life of healing; and a life of love. It brought me closer to new friends and deepened my relationship with old ones. Healing Touch has brough joy into my life in an actionable way - a way in which I choose to sit with, laugh with, and bring joy with me into every part of my life. 

Healing Touch has allowed me to give back. It has allowed me to use my heart and my hands to support the Highest Forms of health and wellness for my clients, for my personal relationships, for those I meet in my life during my day to day living - at the grocery store, the gas station, at the parks.

Healing Touch has shown me the miraculous power of love enacted through positive intention - all of these are reasons to celebrate.

I believe each of us have a story similar to these and I wanted to create a space to celebrate the beauty that WE ARE as we LIVE HEALING TOUCH into our lives and into our communities.


This dream and desire led to the manifestation of our HTPA day for our community:

'The Centration Project'


The name that was given to me from the dream is the 'Centration Project' based on the cosmic law of centration - the coming together and focusing of collective energy to create something new and be stronger through that creation.


This project is a day where the energy of our collective experience as Healing Touch "livers" can come together to celebrate the deep, transformative and restorative power of being together. I wanted these days to be held across the country (and maybe one day World) so that each of our communities can come together to learn more about and celebrate who they are as individual healers and a collective, co-creative community.


The experience was both delightful because of being together with everyone in our HT community and healing for me personally. We givers always seem to be challenged to seek out and receive care for ourselves, for our healing, health, and well being. It was a wonderful experience to have a day together specifically designed for self-care. What I took home was the stories of everyone there. What amazing people I'm honored to be associated with. I was moved by everyone's story, that everyone of us has come from many challenges and struggles but is willing to allow healing and renewal for ourselves so that we may enjoy personal fulfillment and the many blessings of facilitating healing for others. Also, knowing how well all of us in the HT community are supported means a lot to me." San Diego Attendee



This website will give you a little more information about the schedule, about our facilitators, and about the various locations where we are visiting. If you are interested in a community day, please contact me, Amelia, and let's see if we can bring this celebration to your area!

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In service of your Service,


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Amelia  Vogler

MS, HTCP/I, Mentor, Intuitve, Healer

Exectuive Director of the HTPA