Director's Letter - Healing Touch Professional Association

Christine Salas


I’m Christine Salas, Healing Touch Professional Association Community Director.

In 2017, I started my Healing Touch journey with my initial goal of learning some simple energy-based techniques to support my clients, as a Social Worker. After day 1 of Level 1, I was hooked and never looked back! I couldn’t believe how much lighter, happier, and peaceful I felt after Level 1. I remember telling my husband, “I feel like I’m in love with everything and everyone. I feel amazing! I finally found what I’ve been searching for!”. 

I couldn’t wait for Level 2 and then Level 3. I was being exposed to concepts and experiences I had never had before, or even talked about before. I remember being so curious, so inspired, and one question just led to another. With the encouragement and guidance of each instructor, I grew and became more confident in my abilities as a Healing Touch Student, and more certain of the path ahead of me.

When it came time for Level 4, I was 5 months pregnant and determined to continue on this journey, no matter what! At the Level 4 retreat, I felt at home with my people, who spoke my language.

After Level 4, I remember feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the homework and requirements that were expected during my mentorship year to go on to Level 5. 100 documented sessions?! Where would I find all these people to work on? And read 7 books? Although I was determined and excited to begin my mentorship, I had felt a little unsure of how I was going to do it all while working full-time and becoming a mommy soon. 

And with support from my mentor, I found my way, completing my homework assignments one by one and finding friends and family to practice on in the evenings and on weekends. I continued to move forward in the program while still having lots of questions of how this would all lead me to becoming a professional practitioner and what it would mean for my personal and professional life, once I reached the end of the program. I felt alone at times and somewhat isolated from my friends and family whom, although supportive, didn’t fully understand the journey I was on. And I remember how excited and motivated I was to learn and grow, and how alive and energized I felt!

When I finally decided I wanted to run my own Healing Touch business, I felt unsure of my abilities to do so and I had so many questions about how to be successful. How do I make a compelling website? How do I attract clients? How and where do I advertise my services? What’s the best scheduling and billing system? What’s the best elevator speech to describe my business? How do I determine who my ideal client is? What other questions should I be asking? So many questions…

Running your own business can be complex and lonely, and resources can be limited for our unique type of work.

Continuing to be curious and ask questions are what help me to create the space and HTPA programs for students, mentees, and professionals like you. HTPA members have the benefit and opportunity of learning and growing together, and supporting and holding space for each other. HTPA is a safe space where we can all be vulnerable, and ask all the questions we need answers to, in order to be successful students, mentees and professionals in building a thriving business.

We are here to support you and provide you with the resources you need, as you embark on this incredible journey. Learn from, and be supported by, those that have walked the same path as you and find more freedom and success in your work and in your life. All of you is welcome here, no matter where you are in your professional or personal journey.

I look forward to meeting and supporting you!

In service of your Service,
Christine Salas, LCSW, HTCP
Healing Touch Professional Association Community Director