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We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill


The HTPA highly values our chapters and chapter members because we view these local groups as vehicles for tremendous community healing; time for sharing and togetherness, creativity and active social engagement and support. 

Our chapters are as unique as those healers that meet within them, each one being created with its own consciousness and vision based on the needs of those who are meeting or the needs of the community that the chapter is supporting.

There are no requirements for how often you meet and we offer flexibility in the activities that your chapter pursues.  Some chapters meet as practice groups; some take on fundraising efforts; some volunteer together; some invite local speakers to their meetings and create advanced educational opportunities for their members. We have suggestions and resources to help you create interesting, educational, fun activities and we are open to sharing your wonderful ideas with others. 

Local chapters have access support, encouragement and guidance from the HTPA Community Director.


Can’t find an HTPA Chapter in your area? We have a suggestion... Create one in your community!

With the help of HTPA you can reach out to local members, connect and create an active, vital community.