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Become an HTPA Member


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About The Healing Touch Professional Association


Healing Touch Professional Association (HTPA) is a vital and growing professional membership organization that brings cutting-edge support and services to its members. We offer you a dedicated community to create a space for your voice to be heard and your participation be celebrated as we co-create together.  Membership provides the vehicle for you to actively participate in the future of Healing Touch and Integrative Healthcare.

Healing Touch Professional Association is part of the The Healing Touch Program and their associated organizations. 

Healing Touch Program and their associated organizations


Healing Touch Professional Association is here for you!

Our vision is that Healing Touch Practitioners are fully recognized as vital holistic professionals in all aspects of healthcare.

HTPA Benefits

  • Unites and gives you a voice
  • Offers cutting-edge professional and business development tools and resources
  • Is an advocate for Healing Touch, promoting its rightful place as a valid, sought after practice in healthcare
  • Promotes adherence to the Healing Touch Program Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.
  • Provides avenues for community building through Community Connections
  • Keeps you informed about new research, changes in healthcare delivery and legislative issues

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  • Raise your own personal professional standard
  • Become aligned with the evolution of the “New Science”
  • Eligible for Liability Insurance
  • Member Only Forum Board
  • Member Directory
  • Class, event, and product discounts

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