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Healing Touch Healthcare Survey

HTPA Insurance Initiative

The HTPA Insurance Initiative Committee along with Healing Touch Program sent out a Healing Touch Healthcare Survey to Healing Touch practitioners last July. The collected data will be used with the application to the American Medical Association for a specific Healing Touch CPT code. The results were interesting and very useful.

Over 400 practitioners responded, allowing for a significant amount of data to be collected. We are very appreciative of these practitioners taking the time to share their experience. We felt it important to share the data collected with them and to say Thank You.

In addition, we think the results have benefit beyond this application and want to share the information with the entire Healing Touch Community. The data outlines what Healing Touch is being used for, how it is being used, how the request for a session is initiated and much more. . We see this information being used to support the use of Healing Touch and in initiating new Healing Touch programs in healthcare facilities.

View the report.