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HTPA Insurance Initiative

HTPA Insurance Initiative


Healing Touch Certified Practitioners have the option to be compensated via Third Party Payers due to the recognition that Healing Touch is a complementary Energy Medicine modality with a history of therapeutic results based on research and evidence-based outcomes. This will increase client/patient access to Healing Touch for their health and wellness.


Healing Touch Certified Practitioners and clientele will benefit from our three phase mission.


Phase 1: To investigate and execute the tools needed to achieve third party reimbursement and acceptance by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services).


* Establish an alliance with HT Research to identify evidence-based outcome protocols necessary for third party reimbursement
* Establish a CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) Code for Healing Touch with the American Medical Association
* Establish a NPI# (National Provider Identifier) Taxonomy for Healing Touch with CMS – Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
* Educate the HT Community


Phase 2: Apply and be accepted for Healing Touch services to be a covered service with CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)

Phase 3: Educate HTCPs and the HT Community how to be a provider to Third Party Payers and how clientele can access HT services using their health care plans and healthcare reimbursement resources.

Early in 2013, HTPA embarked on a search for the answer to the frequent call for third party reimbursement for Healing Touch. This directly affects the Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, as they may wish to bill a client’s insurance for services. It also affects the use of Healing Touch in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. If healthcare facilities are able to bill for Healing Touch treatments, they are more likely to include Healing Touch as an offering for patients. We believe that there is an answer, but realize that it is complicated process and will take some time to find a solution.

A committee of seven was formed to research the issue and learn about possible solutions, with Gail Cox and Holli Brown accepting the position of Co-Chairs. The HTPA Practitioner Support column in Energy Magazine has highlighted some of the committee’s findings and work. (Login to read these pieces.) It is likely that any success the Insurance Initiative has in third party reimbursement for Healing Touch will help other Energy Medicine practitioners accomplish this as well.

At present the committee is taking steps to apply for CPT code designated specifically for Healing Touch. This involves a complex application to American Medical Association (AMA) and will take time to reach an end result. The committee is optimistic about is optimistic that a CPT code is achievable.

If you have any information you think would help the Insurance Initiative, please send an e-mail to the HTPA Administrator.


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