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Get Started

Starting a Local HTPA Chapter is Simple to Do – just follow the steps below


  1. Submit your Local Chapter Directory Listing Form through the HTPA website - from the homepage, go to Local Chapters, then Create a Chapter. This will serve as your Letter of Intent and inform HTPA that you would like to establish a Local HTPA Chapter.
      • Name your Chapter and include it on the Directory Listing Form.  (Commonly a Chapter will be named to identify the area it is in.)
      • Please include the name and contact info of the person who will be the Lead/Chair. The Lead/Chair must be an HTPA member, but others in the Chapter do not need to be HTPA members.
      • If there is a Vision for the Chapter, please share it. It is understandable that the Vision may be in development and most likely will change as the Chapter grows.
      • If possible, include the names of the cities that will be included in the Chapter area. (zip codes are helpful) This allows us to gather contact information of HTPA members in the area.


 2. Administrative approval will establish a Local HTPA Chapter.


 3. Once your local chapter is established, HTPA will make announcements in the HTPA Newsletter, Local Chapters Newsletter and Facebook.


4. All Local HTPA Chapters will be listed on HTPA website under Local Chapters with the Chapter name, city/state and the means to contact the Lead/Chair so others in the area can connect and join the Chapter.


5. Upon request HTPA will be available and happy to discuss on-going development, offer ideas, suggestions and encouragement.


6. Requirements:

  1. The Lead/Chair is to submit a short monthly recap as an Activity Report. The Activity Report Template will be sent to the Chapter Lead/Chair. If no activity has taken place for the month, you do not submit a report. (The Activity Report keeps HTPA informed of Chapter growth and may be used to share activities and acknowledge Chapters in the HTPA Newsletter or on the HTPA website.)
  2. The Lead/Chair is to distribute the Monthly Chapter Newsletter to his or her chapter members. HTPA only distributes the newsletter to the Lead/Chair, they do not send the email to your chapter members.

It's That Simple!!