Liability Insurance (US residence only)

Energy Medicine Professional Insurance - EMPI -

The liability insurance program offered through Energy Medicine Professional Insurance (EMPI) has been specifically tailored for Energy Medicine students, practitioners and instructors.

Healing Touch Professional Association was the instigator and champion for EMPI being created and an inexpensive liability policy offering that fits the needs of the Healing Touch Community. Other Energy Medicine modalities are covered as well. This allows you to be covered for the other modalities you practice as well. Click here to view other covered modalities.

Obtaining this coverage through EMPI assures you that you will receive excellent service by professional staff that are informed and understand your professional needs. In addition both EMPI and HTPA advocate for you while they stay at the forefront of our rapidly growing profession. They bring you tips and updates on safe practice, as well as offering expanding business resources and support. HTPA’s goal is to provide the liability insurance you need as your professional practice evolves.

Liability insurance:

  • Pays for accidents that cause injury to your clients such as slip and fall
  • Pays for negligence due to misconduct or lack of skills
  • Protects you from suits involving libel, slander or invasion of privacy
  • Covers claims made against you for damage or injury resulting from a product you used on a client
  • Covers damage to your rented work space
  • Covers legal defense cost if you are sued
  • Fulfills your professional responsibility to your client

Three Insurance Levels Offered and Cost:

Annual HTPA Membership is required.

Standard Liability Coverage ($125 annually)
Coverage for Healing Touch (and/or other modalities listed) students and practitioners that practice part time- up to 6 hours per week. The cost is $125 annually (HTPA Membership required).

Professional Liability Coverage ($150 annually)
Coverage for Healing Touch Practitioner (HTP) completed Level 5, Healing Touch Certified Practitioners/Instructors (HTCP/I), and practitioners of other modalities listed. This covers full-time practice and small groups or classes up to 9. The cost is $150 annually (HTPA Membership required).

Premium Liability Coverage ($250 annually)
Coverage for full time practitioners and instructors who work with larger groups or classes- 10 to 99. The cost is $250 annually. (HTPA Membership required)

This is an annual policy that renews every year on April 1st. Your premium is prorated based on the month you enroll. Coverage renews for a full year each April 1st.



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